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What does www.FREEducation.co.uk offer?

Www.Freeducation.co.uk Рfree online courses for everyone! Freeducation was originally created when there was little free educational material on the internet. Hard to believe now, but true. It has taken a lot of different forms,  as technology and teacher thinkings have grown and developed. I am now a bit of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) junkie РI love to learn. If you are like me, wherever you go, you seem to find the schools offer a lot, and deliver very little. How many different times have you gone to a school offering a full and comprehensive training course?

In reality, most teacher professional development I have sat through (rather than engaged in!), has often been a “1 hat fits all” approach, where every single teacher, regardless of their personal needs to become a better teacher are made to sit in a single room for 2 days… 1 week… 2 weeks… listening to the latest teaching ideas in areas they don’t need or have no interest. Try to do the same in the classroom, and quickly people would ask… where is your differentiated materials? How is this student – centered learning? Teachers on courses are students and deserve the same respect…

The result? No change at the teacher level and a waste of time for everyone (and a book full of doodles as you pass the time away / look busy / plan your next holiday / write a shopping list… )

www.Freeducation.co.uk wants to help teachers make a difference

www.FREEducation.co.uk wants training to make a difference… not just a shopping list.


Why is FREEducation different?

First of all because it is a site for teachers, by teachers. All the courses I discover will be free and relevant to you.

It is different, simply because this is going to be a site, where I want learners to come with me on different learning journeys. I will tell you the course I am on, and the resources I have found and you can simply add your voice to mine and discover that learning online is a lot fun and a really positive way to learn and share your ideas with others.

Even better, you find a course you are about to start, and you then tell me about it, and so if I have time and it looks like a great course, I can become YOUR learning buddy. At the peak, FREEducation was a leading educational website – there is no reason whatso ever that we a group effort, this site could again become a site where teachers come, share and learn together! Please come and join my journey today!

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